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Sue Guild has many years experience in sales, marketing, fashion management and training.dress

She has worked with companies such as Granada Television, Marks and Spencer, Essex County Council and has been an image consultant on Essex Radio.


  • Photoshoots - for individuals or groups
    Can work with your chosen photographer or we can do that for you.
    Great for Hen parties, Special Occasions, Proms
  • A colour and style session helps you choose your wardrobe so that the shapes colours and styles enhance and flatter.
  • A make-up session ensures you get the right look every time.
  • Individual sessions for a personal assessment
  • Group workshops
  • Hen parties – a fun, more intimate celebration
  • Corporate events/training. For improving business image, team building and ensuring success of sales/marketing teams.
  • Confidence building for weddings, interviews, promotions etc.

I have had both colour and image analyses with Sue. They were interesting, fun and really helpful. They were also absolutely cost-effective – I still carry my colour swatch book with me everywhere and Sue’s advice has helped me make better fashion choices and shop with confidence.”
Sandra 2011

For years I had heard people talking about colour analysis and not really understood what it meant, Sue explained the benefits of understanding what impact choosing the right colour can have on my skin tone and overall look and I was immediately interested. The process of going through the colours and seeing the effect they have on you is really quite an eye opener and realising that you're favourite colour isn't necissarily the best colour for you is interesting. I have always avoided certain colours as they didn't seem right for me and yet some of these coulours actually looked the best on me! This session has changed the whole way I shop, it took a while to get to grips with afterwards but now I have the hang of it I walk straight past certain colours and head for the ones I know will suit me best.

Petra 2011

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