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I have been seeing Sue for probably 2 years now and her depth of knowledge in beauty is outstanding.

I have used Revitalash that has made my eye lashes grow and thicken so no need for false ones.

I regularly have my face peels with Sue and they are making such a difference.

The Dermaquest products for my daily facial cleanse and treatment are fantastic. I never suffer with breakouts anymore and my lines under my eyes are fading.

I would highly recommend Sue for any beauty treatments and oh i nearly forgot Teeth Whitening too. .
Lisa 2011

I have been visiting Sue Guild t/as All Over Beauty for around 5 years. When I first met her I felt that I was beginning to show signs of ageing - and was considering having botox and fillers to iron out a few creases! I really did not like the idea of the 'frozen face' syndrome that seems to accompany all of these drastic treatments, to say nothing of the cost and the needle!

Sue persuaded me that she could achieve an equally good result without going through those radical processes - and I must say that I feel my skin is preferable to many of the models who have succumbed!

Since that date I have regularly had a chemical peel followed by 'red light' treatment, and although not always pleasant, Sue minimises the discomfort as much as possible, and keeps your mind occupied so the time passes quickly and you barely feel any discomfort. I know what I would prefer! It is certainly less painful than those awful needles!

Over the years Sue has become a friend to me, who I know I can depend upon to be honest and trustworthy. You do not get the 'hard sell' when you go to see Sue, just an honest review of what would help you, and what treatments would give you the best results. I would recommend Sue Guild to anyone considering aesthetic treatments.
Janette 2011

I started coming to Sue when I had pretty much given up ever ridding myself of very severe Acne. I was never out without make-up and started to be concerned over scarring. I was recommended to try Sue, and thankfully I did.

After a couple of quite strong peels and light treatments I started to see improvements and a few months later could even go out without make-up, which was a real boost to my confidence. I have continued to have regular treatments and can now appreciate having good skin and taking care of it.

Sarah. F 2011