Cebelia Soothing Milk (Body & Legs)

Cebelia Soothing Milk (Body & Legs) intensively hydrates, nourishes and soothes dry, itchy skin on the body and legs. With its blend of hydrating, nourishing and anti-inflammatory ingredients, the Cebelia…

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Cebelia Anti-Age Intensif

Cebelia Anti-Age Intensif (Intensive Anti-Ageing) is a complete anti-wrinkle, firming cream that recovers the radiance and suppleness of the skin on the face and chest. Its patented active agent, Cebeline,…

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Cebelia Comfort Cream

Cebelia Comfort Cream is a face and neck skincare, protecting the skin from the environmental stress it faces daily.  Using active ingredients essential to skin balance, the Comfort Cream acts…

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Cebelia Extreme Care

Cebelia Extreme Care is a complete soothing and moisturising skincare for the face and body. Designed to soothe the skin after aesthetic procedures like laser treatments, it is a SOS emergency skincare that cools the epidermis and immediately calms reactive and damaged skin. Its active ingredients reduce redness, lower the skin’s temperature, rehydrate and promote epidermal repair. Its gel/cream texture spreads easily and penetrates quickly for an immediately cooling effect.

Used by aesthetic physicians after damage to the skin or significant overheating:

  • Post-laser treatment on the face or body (especially CO2 laser treatments)
  • Post-laser hair removal (sensitive areas: armpits, bikini line, etc.)
  • Post-radiofrequency
  • Post-IPL (flash lamp)
  • Post-mid to deep skin peel

Used by dermatologists for:

In conjunction with flushing, couperosis, rosacea, reactive or intolerant skin, inflammatory pathologies (psoriasis, eczema and seborrhoeic dermatitis), erythema (including sunburn), overheated skin (due to shaving or sport), pre and post-radiotherapy, as a complement to acne treatments, etc.

Directions: Apply Cebelia Extreme Care as often as necessary to the relevant area (face or body).
For intense cooling action, keep the tube refrigerated before applying.

To soothe and moisturise the skin deep down, use it as a mask: apply a thick layer to the face, let sit for 15 minutes, and then rinse the excess product off with water. Perfect for very sensitive and intolerant skin.

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Cebelia LCE Regard

Cebelia LCE Regard is a 2-in-1 eye make-up that both repairs and conceals. Its main active ingredients, particularly Cebeline, have an anti-ageing effect and act on epidermal regeneration and blood circulation, while its tinted concealer formula can cover dark circles, puffiness, fine lines and imperfections. Its pigmented fluid texture makes it easy to apply with the brush.

Benefits:  An eye make-up/skincare that reduces dark circles, puffiness and fine lines, and covers them up with its pigments. It immediately conceals dark circles, puffiness and imperfections in the skin. The complexion regains its evenness. Fragrance and preservative free.


1. Delicately remove your eye make-up

2. Apply your favourite eye cream to moisturise the skin

3. Then, apply Cebelia LCE Regard in multiple dots under the eyes

4. Pad it in using your fingertip, never spreading it out

5. Powder the area with a loose or pressed powder to set

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Cebelia LCE Balm

Repairs, promotes the resorption of bruises and decongests.

Cebelia LCE Balm is a repairing, decongesting skincare that is unique on the market. The fruit of our collaboration with aesthetic physicians and surgeons and of our partnership with a renowned French research institute, Cebelia LCE Balm acts on cellular regeneration in order to accelerates epidermal repair, as well as promotes the resorption of bruises and swelling. It is both the ideal regenerating skincare for after an aesthetic procedure, an eye treatment and an SOS care for minor boo boos. Its ultra-comfortable, easy to apply texture forms a protective, non-occlusive film over the skin. Fragrance and preservative free.
Benefits: Suitable for all skin types. Non-sticky. Non-greasy. Suitable for all areas (face & body).

It promotes regeneration, the resorption of bruising and swelling, making Cebelia LCE Balm a real SOS emergency skincare for minor cuts and grazes; small damages in the epidermis, chapped lips, cracked fingers and even a small spot to make it vanish more quickly!

Directions: Apply a thin layer of Cebelia LCE Balm to perfectly clean skin at least twice a day. Continue to apply until the surface of the skin regains its integrity.

Size: 15ml tube

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