Acne – Part 1

There are many misconceptions about what causes Acne but the most common cause is hormonal, and mostly connected to puberty but other factors can be stress, pregnancy, early menopause, the pill and conditions such as polycystic ovaries syndrome.

Acne is not caused by poor hygiene and can affect both men and women, and also children as young as 12 years of age.  Also, whilst diet may aggravate acne there is no evidence that diet causes acne.

Most products and treatments when tried should show some improvement in about four weeks, otherwise seek another solution.

Sometimes using ‘acne products’ can cause excessive dryness, which can make the problem worse by causing dry, flaky skin cells blocking the pores.  The type and strength of treatments will depend on a variety of factors to ensure the best outcome.  The factors that determine treatments types are:

  1.  Age – Acne can affect 12 year olds – 40+ years.
  2. Severity – Some sufferers only have mild, intermittent symptoms and others have blackheads, blockages, cysts, inflammation, scarring, etc and therefore require more intensive treatments.
  3. Environmental – Working in cities is known to aggravate acne due to pollution, etc.
  4. Health – As already mentioned, certain conditions and medications can also act as triggers or antagonists.

See tips and treatment recommendations.

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