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Acne – Part 3 (Treatments)

Acne – Part 3 (Treatments)

The type and strength of treatment will depend on a variety of factors to ensure the best outcome.  The factors that determine treatment type are:

  1.  Age (as acne can affect 12 years – 40+)
  2. Severity : Some sufferers only have mild, intermittent symptoms and others have blackheads, blockages, cysts, inflammation, scarring, etc and need a more intensive treatment.
  3. Environment: Working in cities is known to aggravate acne due to pollution, etc.
  4. Health: As already mentioned, certain conditions and medications can also act as a trigger or antagonists.

The treatment range we offer at All Over Beauty is extensive and allows for a greater choice for clients, depending on their skin condition and budget.  Included in the range is:

  • Chemical and enzyme peels, resurfacers and facials.
  • LED red, blue and near infra red.
  • Teen facials (specifically geared for younger or more sensitive skins).
  • Microneedling (for scarring that might need treating after acne symptoms have reduced).

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