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Apilus Advanced Electrolysis Hair Removal

Apilus Advanced Electrolysis Hair Removal

Many people are often surprised at how many of our clients who choose electrolysis as their treatment of choice for hair removal.  Most assume that laser has taken over as the only treatment available and electrolysis is from a bygone past!  When some find that laser doesn’t always deal with their issues, they feel there are no other options available.  While laser can be great (although that will depend on the level of laser used as there are many types) and can be useful for larger body areas for speed, electrolysis is still the only recognised treatment for permanent hair removal.

Laser can often fall short when it comes to hormonal hairs such as menopausal, PCOS, transgender work, and other medical conditions.  It can also be difficult to treat white, grey and blonde hairs and some darker skin colours with laser.  It is usually after clients have tried these treatments and have found them left wanting or who find the process very painful that they seek our help.

And hence the development of the Apilus Digital system and where I first became aware of its use in more clinical/medical environments.  Apilus is the brand leader in digital epilation and has a high precision allowing for maximum treatment with minimum discomfort. It works 25 times faster than other epilators to date. It also has several different modes in the one machine.

Therefore, the results can be seen quicker with less downtime and irritation. Usually the skin is a little red after treatment but this mostly disappears very quickly.

Due to its precision (and it’s several different modes) it can also be used for removal of small skin tags, cysts, thread veins etc.

The treatment is not hampered by colour of hair or skin, and the hairs do not have to be very long to treat. Treatments can also be undertaken frequently to speed up the process.

Due to my experience over more than thirty years, I am also very fast and accurate, again minimising discomfort and keeping prices down.

So please don’t feel that you have to struggle with excess hair issues.  Give me a call and the sooner you start, the better you will feel. You are definitely not alone!

Call us on 01245 469371 to find out more about Apilus Advanced Electrolysis Hair Removal.

Apilus Advanced Electrolysis Hair Removal

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