AT HOME – Dermaroller Facial

At Home – Dermaroller Facial

Please see the video link at the end of this page – and follow the step by step guide to get the most from your dermaroller.  The roller is available to buy from our online shop or you can click on this link.

Step 1. Double cleanse the skin with Essential Daily cleanser, then either Peptide Glyco cleanser or Skinbrite cleanser or BHA cleanser. Pat Dry.

Step 2. Apply Stem Cell Rebuilding Complex all over area to be treated.

Step 3. Use roller in regular movements, (see Video) with correct pressure, and avoid dragging over the skin. Lighter around eye area. Lightly stretch the skin are to aid the smooth action of the roller.

Step 4. Wipe over skin with skin pads and tepid or cool water.

Step 5. Apply Clinicare EGF mask (according to your skin type) to cool and soothe skin and let the ingredients soak into the skin. After 30 minutes remove and gently massage excess product in. Pat dry very gently.

Step 6. Apply Stem Cell rebuilding serum, and or /Cebelia Extreme Care and SPF if in daytime.

Skin may feel ‘stingy’ after this AT HOME – Dermaroller Facial and be pink to slightly red but should settle in a few to 24 hours.

Clean your roller carefully and store in its cradle until dry.

Video link:

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  1. Denise Palmer

    Video was excellent Sue, I now plan to do exactly that twice a week.
    Thank you x

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