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AT HOME Sensitive / Rosacea facial

AT HOME Sensitive / Rosacea facial

Step 1. Cleanse with Dermaquest Essential Daily cleanser or Dermaquest Delicate Daily cleanser.

Step 2. Exfoliate with either Algae Facial scrub (very gently) or mix some of the scrub with the enzyme cleanser for a more gentle exfoliation. Wash off with warm pads. Pat dry.

Step 3. Apply Clinicare EGF Pure Mask for 30-45 minutes then remove mask and massage residue in (using excess for neck, decollete, hands) and then pat dry. See below if bothered by breakouts.

Step 4 (optional). If you have breakouts and spots you may want to apply a Dermaclear mask for just 3-5 minutes BEFORE using the above mask or if you can normally use Dermaclear serum apply this AFTER the above Mask. And then Step 5.

Step 5. Apply Dermaquest Delicate serum and /or Cebelia Extreme Care/Delicate daily moisturiser or Cebellia Comfort cream. Whichever suits you best.

Step 6. Apply sunscreen if required.

Please contact me for any clarifications or alternatives you want to try for this AT HOME Sensitive / Rosacea facial.  Please remember any unusual reactions, stinging for more than a minute or two or prolonged redness do not proceed.  Just apply the CliniCare mask which usually settles most skins almost immediately and/or Extreme care by Cebelia.