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As a qualified nutritional therapist and skin therapist I quite often discuss this when clients are undertaking treatments.  We will discuss diet and nutrition and its role to play in achieving great results and a healthy glowing skin.

Whilst diet rarely is the direct result of a skin condition, it will almost certainly be a contributing factor.  So what are the nutrients that are beneficial to the skin?

Antioxidants (vitamin A, C and E in particular) – These very important to reduce damage and inflammation in the skin and fight the free radicals caused by sun, smoking, fumes, illness, etc).

Anthocyanidins – These are flavonoids that help to reinforce and preserve collagen and are often found in cosmetics products to improve skin elasticity.  One of these is in the very popular product Colladeen Derma Plus which can also improve the circulation, eye health and conditions such as rosacea and those prone to bruising.

Omega 3 – Nourishing and anti-inflammatory for skin disorders such as eczema and post-menopausal skin.

Zinc – This has some immune boosting benefits so is useful for skin prone to acne or breakouts.

Our supplement products that might help:

Colladeen® Derma Plus


Starflower Oil

If wanting to take supplements, talk to a nutritional therapist first to determine dosages and any contraindications.




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