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Amalian Hair Booster targets hair loss and thinning hair by increasing the number of hair follicles in the active growth phase.

Human hair has a growth cycle that includes three stages: anagen (active growth phase), catagen (transitional phase) and telogen (resting phase). Shedding of the hair only occurs once the next growth cycle begins and a new hair shaft starts to emerge.

The ‘normal’ hair loss rate is fifty to eighty strands a day. If the loss rate exceeds one hundred strands per day, it signifies increased hair shedding and is therefore considered “hair-loss”.

Amalian Hair Booster works by increasing the number of follicles in the active growth phase. It should be applied daily. Improvement in hair quality and hair growth should be noticeable after 8-12 weeks continued use. The overall success of Amalian Hair Booster is dependent on the method and frequency of administration, and the presence of active hair follicles.

Benefits: Visibly repairs damaged hair.  Moisturises and nourishes hair.  Supports regeneration of hair structure.  Strengthens hair and boosts natural shine.  Reduces hair loss.  Natural Antioxidants.  Boosts blood circulation to the hair follicle.  Strengthens the hair follicle.  Promotes hair growth. Stimulates the production of Biotin, a vitamin necessary for strong, healthy hair.  Calms skin irritation and stimulates cell regeneration.

Directions for use: Starting with either wet or dry hair, apply the serum daily using the integrated applicator.  Massage in with fingertips and leave on overnight. Amalian Hair Booster can be easily washed off with water.


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