Medik8 r-Retinoate Youth Activating Serum


r-Retinoate represents a true breakthrough in retinol (vitamin A) skincare technology.  Delivers outstanding results compared to retinol alone; 8x more powerful, remarkably available for both night and daytime use, and non-irritating so is suitable for even sensitive skin.

Benefits: Fine lines and wrinkles are visibly softened, pigmentation visually reduced and the appearance of overall skin surface uniformity is restored.  Skin looks clearer, brighter, revitalised; ultimately more youthful. With continued use, improvements become even more remarkable over time.

Directions:  After cleansing in the morning and evening, apply a small amount and blend evenly across whole facial area, neck and décolletage. Leave to absorb before applying your regular Medik8 hydrator if desired. All vitamin A products encourage natural exfoliation, therefore always wear sunscreen while using r-Retinoate.



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