AT HOME Problem Skin /Acne Facial

AT HOME Problem Skin /Acne Facial

Step 1. Cleanse with Essential Daily Cleanser or Dermaclear Cleanser, then Peptide Glyco Cleanser or BHA cleanser (2 cleanses in total).

Step 2. Exfoliate using Algae facial scrub (or other if suitable).  Massage onto dry skin then wash off and pat dry.

Step 3. Apply either Mini pumpkin mask (3-5 minutes) or Dermaclear mask (5-10 minutes) or the NEW Clinicare pore minimiser mask (a charcoal based mask for more oily skins).

Step 4. Apply Clinicare Pure mask for 30 minutes then massage in and pat dry.

Step 5. Apply treatment product such as Dermaclear Serum, Retinaldehyde, Skinbrite serum depending on how active skin is and how much pigmentation scarring there is.

Step 6. (optional) If the skin can get sensitive, or too dried out consider using the Delicate soothing serum.

Step 7. Apply usual moisturiser and sunscreen if required.

AT HOME Problem Skin /Acne Facial could be done max twice a week if necessary. But do not let the skin get too dry/flaky.  Any advice or suggestions you require please call me.